Mauren Kaufmann


I’m a brand-focused graphic designer who’s madly in love with UI/UX. 


After I graduated from Prodiseño Escuela de Comunicación Visual in Caracas, a place that gave me a strong sense of the importance of concept and research behind every creation, I became a web enthusiast and began working with startups all over the world, learning from old school and new school designers, working directly with CTOs, IT teams and combined with continuing education I built my foundation.

This path led me to realize that in this digital world, great design needs to create positive experiences, so I began to immerse myself into user experience and interfaces design. I became a UI/UX visual designer.

The combination of branding, graphic design and user experience made me an important part of the process of new digital products creation. I became the bridge between ideas and developers.

Now based in Madrid, I build professional multidisciplinary teams that can bring a brand, web or an app alive. I work with modern tools that bring those teams closer together in a remote and fast paced world, putting clients desires into the screens.